7UP was created in 1929 by C.L. Grigg and was initially called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda and was later introduced into Nigeria in 1960.Its international mascot Fido Dido positions the brand as a cool drink for youngsters’. Always at the frontier of taste and pop culture, 7UP was among the first sodas to introduce sugar-free and caffeine free options. Hence the 7UP free variant was launched in 2007.

7UP, the refreshing clear drink , contains 100% natural lemon and lime flavors with no colorings, preservatives or caffeine. It comes in variants such as; Seven Up, Seven Up free and H20. The original lemon and lime soft drink comes in varying sizes and packages. It comes in glass bottles (35cl), P.E.T bottles (50cl) and cans (33cl).